Rock Paper Shotgun cover our Nordic Game Jam 2016 entry!

In 2016 my university funded a trip to the Nordic Game Jam for myself and four other students so that we could team up and enter a game into the jam. Our entry, Political Shitstorm, got more attention than we anticipated as we got through to that year’s finals and were covered by Rock Paper Shotgun!

Originally published on Rock Paper Shotgun

‘Free Loaders: Dodge Taxes As The Prime Minister

The week’s best free games!

When we launched this column, I named it “Free Loaders” in reference to getting stuff for $0 and also to “loading” games. But do you know who the real free loaders are? That’s right, THE PANAMA PEOPLE. Next week I am going to Panama to see if I can see some of their papers for myself. In the meantime, here is a game about just that, made at the Nordic game jam, where the free games juegoterrorists have regrouped to make an uncharacteristic stand against tax evasion.

Check our list of the best free games you can download and play on PC right now.

Political Shitstorm by Alice! Aina! James! Mark! Paul!

Whale I never.

Politics and crumpets. Play as the British Prime Minister and make countless important decisions about national policy, like whether to hold a referendum on EU membership, what to do about dangerous security leaks, and how to stifle rumours of your “pulled pork” infatuation. All the while you need to have money in mind, funneling the funds saved from your policies into an offshore bank account. Topical! Keep an eye on the public perception however (the trio of angry punters in the corner). When it gets too low you’ll be forced out. A tiny, Brit-centric reimagining of the Democracy series.’

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