Tay FM features my graduate project: TOGETHER

Abertay Uni student creating virtual support app for cancer patients

‘Alice Bowman’s design will allow people to interact with fictional characters who are also suffering from the illness.

A university student in Dundee is attempting to tackle loneliness among cancer patients – through gaming.

Alice Bowman is creating a virtual support group which will allow users to interact with fictional characters who also suffer from the illness

Players will be able to share how they’re feeling and seek advice from the app

Alice hopes it will encourage more people to open up to others.

“Trying to get someone to take the first step to maybe go to an in-person support group if they can access that or otherwise using other virtual resources to try and get the support they need,” she said.

“Hopefully that’s what this will enable them to do.”

Alice thinks some are more comfortable opening up to fictional characters than other people.

“I’ve played games where I’ve developed really strong emotional attachments to characters, so I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to help provide people with support,” she added.

“To try and make this really tough lifestyle change for people who are going through cancer, better in some way.’

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