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  • How to Games!

    I’ve recently started my first ever Youtube channel – How to Games! My reasons for starting How to Games are that I really love talking to people who want to get into the games industry Read more

  • The Politician’s Wife

    A short piece, character study meets horror. Content Warnings: body horror, self-harm, misogyny. – The politician speaks, and his wife smiles. She need not speak, he speaks for them both. Her smile is a closed, tightlipped thing, and she is never seen without it. At dinner parties, she smiles. On election day, she smiles. Visiting… Read more

  • Tay FM features my graduate project: TOGETHER

    Abertay Uni student creating virtual support app for cancer patients ‘Alice Bowman’s design will allow people to interact with fictional characters who are also suffering from the illness. A university student in Dundee is attempting to tackle loneliness among cancer patients – through gaming. Alice Bowman is creating a virtual support group which will allow… Read more

  • GDC 2018 – My Experience as an IGDA Scholar

    Reposted from Attending GDC as an IGDA Scholar was possibly the best week of my life. It was an exhausting, emotional, and amazing conference packed with experiences that have really stuck with me since, and changed me as a designer. Once I got over the initial shock and excitement of finding out I’d been… Read more

  • Rock Paper Shotgun cover our Nordic Game Jam 2016 entry!

    In 2016 my university funded a trip to the Nordic Game Jam for myself and four other students so that we could team up and enter a game into the jam. Our entry, Political Shitstorm, got more attention than we anticipated as we got through to that year’s finals and were covered by Rock Paper… Read more

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