Level Designer at Trailmix

I’m currently a level designer at Trailmix, working on a super-secret, super-awesome unnanounced mobile game

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TOGETHER is a virtual cancer support group that I am developing as a part of my master’s research. This work takes the form of an interactive visual novel, investigating how characters in this can provide emotional support for players.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the prototype.

Crafty Candy

I was a designer on Outplay Entertainment’s match-3 game Crafty Candy. During my time on Crafty Candy I made levels, made design changes to the FTUE, designed blockers, wrote copy for the game and wrote art specs for external contractors.

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Angry Birds POP!

After leaving Outplay Entertainment to begin my masters, I later returned on a part-time basis as a level designer. During this time I made levels for Angry Birds POP!, a bubble shooter in the Angry Birds franchise co-developed with Rovio Entertainment.

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Political Shitstorm

Political Shitstorm was my team’s 2016 Nordic Game Jam entry. I wrote and designed content for the game, which reached the finals of the jam. Rock Paper Shotgun later covered the game in their column featuring the best free games of the week.

Check out a gameplay video here!


I completed a contract of freelance writing for Truly Social Ltd. writing for their casual social mobile game Hugs. I wrote several interactive conversations, with variable-gated topics and dynamic reactions from non-player characters.

Check out Hugs!


I completed a contract of freelance writing work for mafia-themed browser game Assassinators. I wrote several missions combining story progression with onboarding players into the game.

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